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Frank Gambale Online Guitar School Scholarship

Grammy winning guitar virtuoso, Frank Gambale, exploded on the L.A. scene in the early 80s. His meteoric rise to fame is a testament to his passion powered playing style “Rolling Stone Magazine” calls “ferocious!” Frank has donated 4 scholarships each valued at $497 to his “Spicing Up The Blues” online course!  The course is a 10.5 hour Blues instructional course and is the first course to be offered at Frank’s new online guitar school.

Gambale is the undisputed genius who originated the sweep picking technique and elevated it to a precise art form now standard in the guitar lexicon. The ‘Gambale Sweep Picking Technique‘ continues to inspire generations of musicians. Jazz, rock, metal and prog artists alike are united in their awe of Frank as both an amazing technician and an unsurpassed musician.

What will you learn in these videos? Says Frank: “Learning music and studying new concepts will enrich your playing dramatically. My desire is for YOU to all become better players, but more than that, I really desire for YOU to be literate players. It’s so important that YOU feel confident that you will get the best quality, correct and stimulating guitar music information from me always! Being a literate and educated player DOES NOT mean you have to sacrifice your FEEL!”

More about the videos here:

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