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Interviews and Reviews (Updated!)
November 18, 2011

Tony’s in the midst of press for his new solo album, and we’re creating a growing list of interviews and album reviews for your reading pleasure. Have you seen a review or interview we’ve missed? Email us at:

January 16: Tony MacAlpine – Album Review

November 11: Hey Shredder! 7 Questions With Tony MacAlpine

October 7: Tony MacAlpine Discusses Gear and Tone and Answers Readers’ Questions

October 6: CD Review: Tony MacAlpine – “Tony MacAlpine”

October 5: CD Review: Tony MacAlpine – “Tony MacAlpine”

October 1: CD Review: Tony MacAlpine – “Tony MacAlpine”

September 16: Interview with Tony MacAlpine

September 7: Album Review: Tony MacAlpine (in Polish)

September 1: CD Review: Tony MacAlpine – “Tony MacAlpine”

August 21: Album Review – Tony MacAlpine (in Dutch)

August 18: Tony MacAlpine Interview

August 17: Nylon y Acero: Tony MacAlpine – Crítica (in Spanish)

August 16: Album Review: “Tony MacAlpine” (in Polish).

August 9: Album Review: Tony MacAlpine.

August 8: Tony is interviewed on “The Sideman Show”.

August 7: Tony is interviewed on the Right To Rock podcast.

August 3: Album review at Metal Symphony (in Spanish).

July 26: Celebrity Rock Artist On Fire – Tony MacAlpine

July 21: CD Review at Rock en Cuba.

July 21: CD Review at La Púa Magazine

July 7: Interview: Tony MacAlpine on His New Self-Titled Solo Album

July 7: Interview with Tony MacAlpine

June 24: Tony MacAlpine Returns With Self Titled 13th Solo Album

June 23: Album Review: Tony MacAlpine Should Never Let Go Of His Guitar

June 21: posted an in-depth interview with Tony plus a review of the album.

June 21: Tony talks with AOL Noisecreep about the new album.

June 21: Album Review

June 16: RocknRollRevue reviews Tony MacAlpine

June 15: The Short-But-Sweet Interview: Tony MacAlpine

June 13: Album Review – “Tony MacAlpine”

June 9: Iron City Rocks reviews Tony MacAlpine

June 7:’s 10 Questions with Tony MacAlpine