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“Square Circles” live with special guest Jeff Loomis on EMGtv!
April 15, 2015

Tony is excited to reveal “Square Circles” – the newest performance from EMGtv, where Tony filmed his entire new album “Concrete Gardens” live. “Square Circles” features a guest solo trade with the amazing Jeff Loomis!

“It was so much fun to have Jeff play live with me during the recording of the EMGtv video” says Tony, “When we worked on the track ‘Square Circles’ he recorded his solos at his own studio, so it was really exciting to be able to experiment together in a live setting.”

Joining Tony and special guest Jeff Loomis are: Aquiles Priester on drums, Pete Griffin on bass, and Nili Brosh on guitar. Audio mixed by Adair Daufembach. Engineered by Greg Wurth.

“Concrete Gardens” is out 4/21. Pre-order here!