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Tony’s New Solo Album Out June 21 – Get First 2 Tracks Free!
May 8, 2011

He’s been a producer, band member and solo artist. Guitarist Tony MacAlpine, in his 25-year career, has redefined hard rock jazz-fusion for a generation of progressive-minded music fanatics. Whether it’s with the groundbreaking prog-rock band Planet X (with Derek Sherinian of Dream Theater), the jazz-fusion super-group CAB or the band of another guitar hero Steve Vai, MacAlpine has set the bar exceedingly high.

Tony MacAlpine Album

On June 21, his highly anticipated new solo instrumental album Tony MacAlpine will be released through Favored Nations Entertainment worldwide, and King Records in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. MacAlpine’s 13th solo album (and 26th album over-all), the record contains 12 tracks of complex, intricate, heavy music that demands the listener’s attention. It is a true solo album in every sense of the word: Drummers Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann, as well as bassist Philip Bynoe are utilized on various tracks, but MacAlpine plays everything else: seven-string guitar, eight-string guitar, keyboards, bass and programming.

Written and recorded at “The Cottage” studio in Pasadena, California, MacAlpine has blended jazz-fusion, metal, prog and rock into a tightly-wound trip of mammoth proportions. “My music is instrumental guitar-oriented heavy rock with a fusion flair,” he explains. “Having started with classical piano since the age of five, I’ve been exposed to many genres and styles from contemporary to the Romantic and Classical periods. This early development helped me define my writing and improvisation which is evident in my sound today.  My guitar playing encompasses many different styles, with an emphasis on composition and theater.”

As with any true artist, change is the only constant. As he says, “in my 25 year career, my sound and artistic output has continually evolved, because I’m always striving to discover new ways to express myself through the music.  Although this album is identifiably ‘me,’ in recent years I’ve been working with younger modern players, and have been aware of some of the newer musical trends going on. Those elements inspired the sounds and compositional direction of the new record.”

  1. Serpens Cauda
  2. Ölüdeniz
  3. Fire Mountain
  4. Dream Mechanism
  5. Ten Seconds to Mercury
  6. Flowers For Monday
  7. Angel of Twilight
  8. Pyrokinesis
  9. Blue Maserati
  10. Summer Palace
  11. Salar de Uyuni
  12. The Dedication
  13. Donostia (Japan Bonus Track)

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