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Bjorn Englen’s EBS Reidmar bass amp

Tony’s bandmate Bjorn Englen has donated his EBS Reidmar bass amp head to be auctioned as part of the Benefit for Tony MacAlpine. Along with the amp, Bjorn has donated a set of his Signature Bass Strings by Mari; Pick Guy Guitar Picks pack; and EBS Fafner II promo photo, all signed by Bjorn.

Along with playing with Tony, Bjorn also plays bass for DIO Disciples, and Soul Sign.

The EBS Reidmar is the first light-weight bass head from EBS Professional Bass Equipment. The light-weight head challenges any heavy-weight boutique amp in tonal qualities. While offering a powerful and defined sound at most levels, when pushed to the limit it provides a natural and useful amp distortion, like the Drive on a solid state amp. This further extends the possibilities to use the EBS Reidmar in different musical contexts.

This item will be auctioned on Ebay on January 10th, starting at 4:30pm PST.

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